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New to the community. I recently updated my samsung s8+. Now my email keeps sending me notifications...when I disable it the app icon doesnt show me how many unread emails are pending! Help!!

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Hi @Scotty89uk. :robothappy:


Not 100% sure if this is what you mean, but in Android Oreo, an app's notification is linked in all of the usual places it'd appear (e.g. lock screen, notification panel, app icon)  - so if you clear a notification from one of those places it'll clear it from all of them at the same time.


You can delay the notification management by pressing and slowly sliding the notification in the notification panel to the right to show the Settings and Clock/Snooze icons > tap Clock/Snooze, and choose a time. There's a pretty decent visual guide on that here.


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Thats not what I mean. I wwnt my emails app icon to show how many unread emails I have but I dont want anything on my notification panel...does that make sense?
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