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Emails suddenly won't send on GS8

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For the past 2 weeks I suddenly can not send or forward emails from any of my accounts on my phone. I can receive though. It dosnt matter if it' WiFi or data either. 

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Ive seen gliches like this before that usually self resolves @Helen2504


If it does not then if all the settings and preferences settings look Ok then i'd be tempted to clear the cache of the email app.


If no joy I would delete the email accounts off the phone then reboot the phone by turning the device Off and On and then re enter the email accounts back into the phone. 


You could also try another email app. 



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I also have not been able to send emails from my Samsung email app for the past 3 weeks all of a sudden. This has been a major problem for me and I have tried have all suggested fixes like above but nothing is working.  My email has worked fine the past 2 years on this phone till now and I have no idea how to fix it.  

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I had a similar problem and solution was uninstalling Samsung E-mail app i reinstalling it again. Not logging out, but completely uninstalling the app.

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I also have this problem since the last version of email from Samsung. Hope they fix soon

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I am having the same problem with my S8+. I can receive but not send emails. It has been about a month. I have deleted the acvount and restarted, no good, i have cleared cache and data and restarted, no good. You can not uninstall email on S8+/S8. Tried imap, pop3, and exchange, all no good.

Out of ideas.

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How do you uninstall email app on S8/S8+?

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  1. All sync settings, for SYNCING,  in account section, turn off then back on.   (sounds crazy but you are seeing it as on when app/firmware may be flagged as off)
  2. In settings , applications, mail app ,   settings in side app setting there is a sync all folders.  turn off sync then turn on.   (sounds crazy but you are seeing it as on when app/firmware may be flagged as off)

Unfontuantly steps one and two were performed after hours working on phone and the account having issue on my exchange server.


2nd step I believe resolved as the out box emptyed, and a send  of outbound held e-mail was confirmed. 



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Try turning synchronisation on. Email wont send if syncing is off

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