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Emailnot deleting

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Happened on S6 & S7 that deleted emailskept coming back and now it's happening on S8+


WTfrig is going on???

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Superuser I
Have you chosen any preference settings to turn on such as or similar to 'Delete from server'

This should then remove them completely.

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Hi @Mike4leeds.


To add to what BandOfBrothers suggested, check your email server settings: Apps > Email > Menu > More > (your email account) > Server Settings. Emails deleted from POP3 accounts on devices will give you the option to delete from the server too; ones deleted from an IMAP account don't tend to, and result in what I colourfully call "zombie emails".


If you've got an IMAP setup, then delete the account from the phone, and set it up again manually, and select POP3.


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