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Dual Messenger issue


Hello ppl

I just getting to know Note8,works very good but i noticed a problem.


I used Dual Messenger for 2 days, but after i installed and configured Bixby and allow Facebook feed to be displayed, Facebook and Messenger keeps crashing in Dual Messenger mode(only second apps, not primary)


I removed Facebook from Bixby but is still not working.


Any ideas ?

Superuser II
Superuser II
Hi, try to uninstall Facebook, and reinstall it, or just clear cache and data in parameter, applications

Best regards
Next Setup : Fold 5G + Note 10
Actual Setup : Note 9 dual sim 512gb + S6active
Past : S4,S5,S6,S6E+,N7,N7s,S7E,S8+,N8

I did all that including complete phone reset to factory go

New Member

Same as mine, Note8 running Android 7.1.1 and Facebook crash constantly on Dual Messenger mode.

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