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Dropped s8 - battery and camera issues

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I dropped my s8 from about 3 feet (it had a case). It now has a hairline crack, which I can tolerate, however the phone now heats up drastically, the battery drains really quickly and the camera app only shows a black screen with 'camera failed'. 


Has anyone had this? It was such a short fall, however I guess the glass screen is fragile and must be linked to the battery. I'm just not sure why the camera is failing.




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Superuser I

It's very possible the drop has resulted in internal damage which can happen even at such short distances depending on the angle it hit the floor.  


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look but as their 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty does not cover accidental damage there could be a charge.


That or check any Household Contents Insurance and or some Bank Accounts provide mobile phone cover as a perk of the account.


T&C's and Excess Fees would apply.



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