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Downloads album is not showing up in Gallery app

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Several months ago my Downloads album disappeared from the Gallery app, without me ever deleting it or changing any settings. When I download new photos they don't show up in the Gallery, neither do past ones because the album is simply gone. However, if I download a new video, the album will show up again, with both past and present files. If I delete the new video the album disappears again, despite still being full of other photos. 


Newly donwloaded photos still show up in the Pictures view, and the Downloads folder is listed when I go to Hide or unhide albums in the Gallery settings. But I can't click on the Downloads album in this list, and it's still gone in the Albums view. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Phone: Galaxy S6 Edge

Android version: 7.0


Screenshots below:

1. Succulents are newly downloaded photos that show up in the Pictures view

2. Downloads album is listed in the Hide albums setting, but greyed out and unclickable






CarloL Moderator

Hey @thuviel! Try doing a Soft Reset of your phone by holding the Volume down as well as the Power buttons for 10 seconds. Also, make sure that your S6 edge is running on the latest software version. You can check this on: Settings > Software update > Download updates manually. Finally, head to: Settings > Apps > Gallery app > Storage > Clear cache. Did it help? 

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Hi! It didn't work unfortunately, but thanks for the help!

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