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Contact Groups Disappeared with latest android update

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Android 8 on Galaxy S7.  How do I restore one of my home pages – the one on which I had highlighted my favourite contacts (about 9 contacts previously selected from my full phone contacts list)?  I inadvertently deleted the whole page after recently installing this disastrous latest Android update.  Any help would be much appreciated.

If you have any backups you can recall of then yes you can restore if you don't then you are out of luck unfortunately, go into settings then cloud and account and select back up and restore, select restore and it will give you the name of the phone (S7, S6, S8 etc) and a date and time it was backed up. Select the relevant back up and select home screen and apps and untick everything else this will revert you back. Please note this will only work if you have a Samsung account.
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Cheers wyse_terminal! 


Any luck with this one @emmandell?


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With Android7 I had a contacts screen to the left (swipe right) of the home screen showing a matrix of head and shoulder outlines onto which I had dragged some favourite contacts.

A similar type of screen appeared after Android  8 was installed and I began to people this screen page with contacts.  A thick finger resulted in the delete button being pressed accidentally and the whole screen disappeared.  I still have my contacts list intact elsewhere under "contacts" but I would like to recover this very useful facility so that instead of opening my contacts list each time I can simply swipe to this (now) missing screen.  I guess I'm overlooking something simple.

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