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Confused about the release date of pie for the J5 2017


Some people have told me that the release date of the pie update is scheduled for july, some have told me that it would be in august, I've recently checked in the samsung members app and saw that it's set for october this year. Has the release date been postponed or is it different for different countries? Also if possible, can I get a fixed ETA about when the betas would be rolling out. Thanks

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Superuser I

Take into account most people on this forum unless clearly tagged as a moderator are fellow customers like you and me, and thus will be giving info that they may have seen on other forums and from posts by others.


Go by the date in your Samsung Members App.


Also any available Beta will show up in there too.


If Samsung has any pertinent information about Betas then they'll create an announcement page when ready @SolomonLothbrok 



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