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Charging to 80%



I have read a lot about batteries and it's very clear to me that you should not charge to more than 80%. Do someone know if Samsung is going to implement a feature/setting to only charge to 80% in the upcoming Android 9.0? I don't want to root my Galaxy S8 to set a charge limit.

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How a person prefers to charge their phone is a subjective topic @henkes_03


I regularly top up my battery and prefer not to let it drop below 10%  


Some charge it to 99%


Personally I've always let mine get to 100% and experienced no issues. 


The only time Samsung have pushed out an update to stop a phone charging to 100% was the Samsung Note 7 due to known issues with its battery. 


I cannot see Samsung pushing out software to limit the charging level of a phones battery simply because it's not necessary and people want as much charge in their battery as possible to get them through a days usage. 



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Hi @henkes_03

There's no news about the implementation of a customisable charging cap in Android 9.0 I'm afraid. I can assure you that charging the battery to 100% is not detrimental to its overall lifespan however if you're concerned then I'd recommend monitoring the phone while charging and disconnecting manually before it reaches 100%.

Hi, in Playstore you may find ,AccuBattery, . This app does give an alarm if the battery level reaches a certain level. This works without root without problems.

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@ AndrewL

Okay yeah I'm always monitoring my phone while it's charging at the moment. I was just wondering because I saw that Asus have the feature to keep the battery on 80% instead of charging it fully on their new ROG phone. But I love Samsung so I'm not going to switch just because of that feature!
Thank you for taking your time!


Hi @

, yeah I know and I use it daily for monotoring my use. I do actually use it and it works great but the problem is when I want to charge overnight and not need to get out of bed half an hour before just to plug my phone in. Right now I have a wireless charger at my bed, but the problem is that I don't want to charge to 100%. Thats the tricky part.. btw, the battery health is not accurate haha
Screenshot_20180812-163442_AccuBattery.jpgThank you for taking your time to help me out! Great tips

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It's concerning to see people claiming so authoritatively that repeated full charging of lithium ion batteries does not affect their lifespan. 


It does. 


Read about lithium ion / polymer battery chemistry in general, or go to discussions about battery maintenance for electric cars (where premature battery decline can be a big deal), if you don't believe me.  This is not to say that it never makes sense to charge to 100% - sometimes you really need the maximum span - but you should realize that the more you do this, the faster you age your battery.  Above all, don't charge to 100% if you're not going to use the battery immediately.  These batteries don't like to sit for a long time either full or empty - best if they're stored about half full.  You'll find that new batteries come from the manufacturers in a half-charged state, and there's a reason for this.

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