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Cell Standby/Android System/Google Play Services battery drain for Oreo on S7

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Have this update come out today? 

July update didn't nothing for me. Pretty obvious is that it was just security update aka patch. Battery life is still a big mess!!! Considering to flash custom ROM and probably changing battery, if I get it cheap enough.
Other solution -> sell s7 edge and buy better device instead of it and forgetting about Samsung at this point.
I am very near to get rid of my s7 edge because of this mess with battery life and the fact that Samsung is not trying to solve the issue.
Is Samsung cloud working with this custom ROM? I mean that are you able to restore data from Samsung cloud backup after flashing it? I asked on forum am I able to dirty flash it over stock Oreo ROM and had negative answer. So before flashing DevBase I need to flash TWRP and get root. And of course by taking these steps I will loose all my data. That is why I have to be sure that i will be able to restore my backup from Samsung cloud.
"Cell standby" drain will be gone with EREO, but you will have newborn drain!!! caused by "Google Play services". A few of us already tried it before. This is old information and not an issue solver.

Yes Samsung cloud works because the ROM is a stock rom. By flashing twrp and rooting, no you don't lose your data at all. As soon as you have twrp, you can do a full backup before you dirty flash DevBase and you'll be set with all your data intact. 


@Robotson wrote:

@VSiam - bit of a noob regarding flashing Samsungs, but I used to root and flash my old Oneplus One. Just wondering, with the fix you've suggested, does the phone need rooting and the bootloader unlocking etc?


Or can you extract the modem file from the firmware and install it to a stock phone?


I have ERD6 currently with ridiculous cell standby drain. 



No unlocking boot loader etc. needed. Just extract the CP (modem) file from ROM package or download only CP and flash it with Odin.


@Joakim wrote:

So it seems that ERG2 firmware did not solve the problem. So we are back to square one... I don't wanna grizzle, but in my opinion Samsung plays cat and mouse with us :/

I noticed same bad smell also :/


@Xsever wrote:

Those that are still having drain issues even after the update, can you please go to About Phone -> Software Information, what does it read under Baseband Version? I'm running Oreo with the baseband version ending in ERG2 and no battery drain issues at all.


And now I just learned that a new bootloader (ERGE) and modem (ERGC) have been released. Downloading them and will flash soon.

Any news from you regarding drain issue?


@Xsever wrote:

@James0071 wrote:

Mine ends ERE8 on S7 Edge UK and have the problem. This is Oreo first OTA update in April. 

Well, that's the problem. That's the old modem. You need ERG2 at least and which is a zip file you flash using TWRP. If your phone is pure stock, there's no way to do that. That's what's bothering everyone. The modding/xda community is able to update to the latest files which Samsung is not pushing to all its customers.

Stop messing with other's minds! This is incorrect information! You do NOT need TWRP to flash modem (CP), AP, bootloader (BL) and any other official ROM files or parts of it!!!

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