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Cell Standby/Android System/Google Play Services battery drain for Oreo on S7


@acsicsa wrote:

Yes. This the current version that I have:Screenshot_20180701-232446_Settings.jpg




Hi body, 

Such a great imrovement :smileywink:

I want to try your experience

Could You give more information please...

Have you just flash CP and BL in Odin?

Did you tick any special item?



(This is my software version, the only difference with yours is "Baseband Version"


@VSiam wrote:

Just flashed Bootloader and Modem for my S7 G930F (flat) from latest G930FXXU2ERF4:

Will report next week.

Of course will update to full firmware when it will out for OXA multi region. :smileylol:

Guys, the only thing what I did is that I flashed 2 files with Odin the same way when you install a firmware. I'm talking about the 2 files that are here in the quoted messages from VSiam


@Fun831 @Nimkat-77 @nado4ilhas and others,


Knox was not triggered (=0) for me after these steps. Remember to flash only official files (NO custom or any other 3rd party cooking results or custom recovery etc.) and you will be good with Knox warranty.

Also, it is good to mention previously said: if you want to Samsung Pass, Pay, Health apps continue to work normally DO NOT flash bootloader (BL) other than you have with your official ROM version. I think that BL is not a part of this "cell standby battery drain" issue. But this is IMHO. I'm not geek. I'm just basic user as a majority of us is wanting to get rid of this ridiculous problem. I used instructions from internet to flash etc.

So, my advice will be to flash only a fresh modem/radio module (CP). I flashed EREO.

And few more things which is very important to remember!!! Always check:

1. G93(0/5)FXXU2(!)XXXX: Do you have "number 2" in your current ROM version? Is it also in the ROM where from you are going to flash that modem etc.? This number stands for "loader" and it's important to stay on same version. If you have "1" in your current OS and will flash the version with "2", I will not be able to go back on "1" (someone is saying that you will lose your IMEI).

2. Which model you have G930F (S7 flat) or G935F (S7 edge)?! Be focused when you are downloading the files to flash that them are really for YOUR model!

3. Got files? Now it is time to insure that your files are good (not got broken while downloading process). Use for example WinMD5 tool to see checksum of files and compare them to ones on source you downloaded files from.

4. Odin version? I used 3.13.1. On Russian forums it is been said that this version is suitable for flashing current versions of ROM files. Flashing instructions you can find easily from internet.


Files for G930F can be found in post above.

Files for G935F:


BL (which I'm not recommending you to flash):


And last, but not least: You are flashing any files and doing anything with your phone at your own risk! I'm not responsible if you brick your phone in result of these manipulations. Recheck everything before hit "Start" button in Odin.

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These 2 files, solved the problem with cell standby?

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I only flashed CP file (modem) and have no cell standby drain anymore. I used my phone on 4G only the last 3 hours....








Guys, you don't HAVE to flash the fixed modem. If you not in a hurry or not sure just wait for OTA - it's matter of weeks, I believe.

Also keep in mind if you flash new modem you will NOT get any OTA updates until you revert original modem back or flash full firmware.


And yes, seems cell standby bug is fixed. :smileylol:


good luck waiting for samsung to patch a non-flagship device


@srg-b wrote:

good luck waiting for samsung to patch a non-flagship device

I totally agree with Srg-b, I have the same Baseband and Build as Rezakho and I have already contacted Samsung 3 times now, even talked to the representant of the top management... their answer is "there were no reports on such issue in Romania, so this is the first time a user reported such situation".


They have asked me to leave the phone in their service for them to be able to further study the issue, which I will actually do,  so I have to tottaly agree that there will be no patch soon.


I will keep you guys informed but as I said before, it looks to me that they either don't know what they are doing or they are just trying to cover up for the faulty software that they are pushing into people's phones. 



@srg-b, @KornelB - Since allegedly fixed firmware is already in the wild for TW & HK regions, there is no reasons to worry about OTA for other regions. Or it is? Moreover, ERF4 is AFAIK 4th public release of Oreo for S7. First in May was for BTU only and gets bootloop, then second fixed went global, 3rd EREM become global too (current latest) and now started ERF4.


But if you want to try new build right now, you are free to flash BL/CP files with Odin, links for G930F(D) and G935F(D) are already posted in this thread.


S7 regular here- not edge. RIDICULOUS battery drain after Oreo update. Been Googling for almost a week now and have tried everything suggested except for factory reset because everything I read says it does no good anyway. My phone is also warmer to the touch. I've read a few posts out there that says wait at least a week for the "OS to settle"? Is this legit advice or is this a troll? I can't get away from the wall I'm plugged into to function properly. Went to the grocery yesterday and got back to my car charger with 63% when I went into the store at 100%. Samsung, PLEASE send update to fix!

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