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Can we still draw on galaxy note 8 calendar

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I agree it shouldnt be so hard so reinstate but it will probably take months and during that time I'll be looking for alternatives, I may even go back to my Galaxy note 4.

I found the Note 4 had better cover assessories with the viewing window and the case didnt increase the overall thickness of the device and I could mark up my calender.

I find it very peculiar that Samsung would remove the S Planner and give us less S Pen features?

Its almost as if they didnt know use the device or know what people were using very bizzarre.

I spoke to support the other day about this issue and the girl on the end of the line was clueless.

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I went from a Note 4 to a Note 8 waiting for a good Samsung Note upgrade. I'm going crazy that I am not  able to do in my old Note 4 Calendar in my now Note 8 Calendar. I can't believe Samsung took this feature from the Calendar. I too miss writting on my calendar, scribble notes ect with my SPen. Samsung really?? I hope Samsung is reading this. Does anyone have any recommendations for a calendar for my Note 8 that even comes close to the Note 4 calendar?  I don't like the standard default calendar it has. 


First excause my bad english ....


After many years i had to change from my Note 1 to a Note 8 and i hate this calender.

And now i miss my calender-functions from my Note 1 so much =( 

I can't add Photos, Memos or any other information at my calender.

No Kategory or Icon for important visible informations like cinema, bitrthday, hospital or business!


Note 1 was old andy slowly, but the functions where so much more better then the following Note generations..... 

Now i find no reason to stay with my Note 8 =(

With this software i can also use a Apple IPhone .......




I bought note 8 for this calendar marking ONLY. I was soo disappointed when I was told that this option is no more. This long ugly mess of a phone which I also found out that the battery is not removable, I am very very upset. I will drop this succer in two more months. I have few other problems with it too.

Nope it doesnt work at all.
Such a small ??
You know that was the ONLY ONLY reason I bought this ugly looking note8 for.
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I'm the same it was the best app and they removed it. It's stupid.

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