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Can't change ringtone


Thanks so much. Mine is working now cuz I disabled the drive.


This help saved me.  I made a simular mistake and had to disable Google drive temporarily so that it would allow me to chose the other program to complete the action.  Thank you.

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After you've selected your ringtone, return by using the top-left back option rather than the 'return' arrow (bottom right) which implies 'return & cancel' rather than 'return and save'.
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"Go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > and click the top right corner one with three dots..


Click it  > Reset Preferences  Apps  >  and a window will appear ."


This did it for me. Thanks a bunch.

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Here's the real answer to your dilemma of not being able to select a different ringtone due to the selection defaulting to an app such as Google Drive. In my case, the ringtone selection automatically opened a folder organizer app. The REAL Solution....drum roll...lies within the app that is being defaulted to. Within the android gear setting, click on the app, and change the setting option that has anything to do with the word default. Here's the path I used on my Samsung S7: swipe from the top and select the setting gear > select Apps > scroll to the problematic default app (i.e., Google Drive) > If this is the culprit app, the "Set as default" option should be clickable, so select it > select Clear Defaults, and Voila! You should now be able to change the ringtone using the suggested procedure, under Sounds and Vibration > Ringtone. You will no longer be taken automatically to the problematic default app, but to the ringtone selection menu.

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Thanks for the quick helpful answer. appreciated ....


Hi I could not change my ringtone too. It was sending me to My Drive and could do nothing about that. I have put a ringtone in to My Drive folder and nothing. I selected the song in Ringtone add option, it showed me loading the file but could not find it among ringtones. Then I went to settings, disabled Drive and now all works fine. 

Go to aplication manager disable this and should be working."

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Thank you, this worked for me. Thanks!!


Could be a sign your phone been compromised if it says under settings, sound, ringtone "unknown" and cannot select a ringtone period! Have to restart your phone or try to hard reset the device! For me took flashing stock rom to wipe my hacker (my exbf) out of my device and also had to reinstall windows 7 pro on my laptop too!  Be careful everyone and trust me if you think someone in your phone or computer, that hunch feeling you get in the pit of your stomach? You are most likely right as after all you know your phone period! Thanks Angie S.



When you choose the ring tone you want don't press Add (top right corner) just press the back key on your phone (bottom right) 

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