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Can't change ringtone

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Thank you for this. Saved about 30 min of frustration of dealing with this issue.  


I have the exact same problem! Only, a few of the songs are being recognized by the ringtone cutter app but the rest are not. They are all in the same file folders too!! 

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As far as I can see the problem of not seeing added music files is App dependent.   Some apps give you their own default set, some the phones default set and some allow access to all music files.  I have my homemade files on the SD card under music/ringtones and music/notifications but this does not seem critial.  Then it is down to each app as to what I can access, just have to live with it.

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After the upgrade to Android 7, I lost access to my personal ringtones and notifications that I downloaded to the Ringtones and Notifications folders in the root of my SD card. I had to copy those folders in to the system /media folder, including the Alarms folder. After that, I was able to see all my personal ringtones, notifications and alarms. This only works in the internal storage.

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Download zedge great app for ringtones and wallpaper.
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My phone has a default basic ringtone; therfore I wanted to changer it. Unfortunately, my phone  (Samsung J3) is probhting the transaction from completing itself. When I add a ringtone from  drive, the ringtone doesn't load (the transaction doesn't complete) and remains with the basic ringtone. I have tried resetting the default apps but that sadly, hasn't worked.

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Karminella download zedge it as some great ringtones. Just an idea
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I have the exact same problem.  I'm assuming it happened after my last update on my galaxy s7.  My contacts' personalized ringtones quit working. I can set them over and over again and shows it a saved when I view the contact information but still plays the default ringtone. Yet my personalized message tone for each contact works fine. I have tried various ring tones from various apps and sources such as zedge. They don't stick. 

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It won't let me copy anything to the System/Media/Audio folders. States that they Read Only.

Been having this problem since the last update a few days ago. Always was able to use SDCard/Notifications or SDCard/Ringtones and now they won't work. Hope someone finds a solution soon.

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It doesn't work. I picked My Drive by mistake, downloaded the song I want, but when I selected it nothing happened. I've tried very different songs, same result. This is so frustrating!!! Why can't I simply choose a song from My Music??? Why make it so complicated! 

Can you please answer?

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