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Can't access option window in camera?

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when I open camera up and try and use the cog to gain access to options it opens then immediately closes, I try and gain access through main cog on home screen pull down and it does the same? I can't change storage location and the phone keeps corruptuing the sd card after I encoded it back! but I don't care about sd card that can be binned alondg with this phone shortly, I just updated phone so assume its that!,

how do you stop updating phones? I had enough of being Samsungs and googles test pilot and paying ***** loads money for the privilege!,  gonna buy a standard crappy phone that's just that a phone! fed up paying for spyware and being forced to aggree to ***** I don't aggree with every time I want to use or fix this *****! and for samsungs information I don't aggree to nothing as you sold me a thing not fit for purpoose so have broken your side of the deal which makes my aggreement null and void.

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