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Can phone be on silent except for one contact?

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Hi, I've a Samsung S7 and I mute it every night but a friend of mine is about to go into labour any minute and if she goes in the night she'll call me so I can watch her kids while she and her husband go to the hospital. 

So I need to hear this call! But I don't want to be woken by anyone or anything else, like notifications or messages or other calls. 

Is it possible to select one contact like that? I did try going into Do not Disturb-Customise Options-Select Favourite Contacts but I don't seem to have any selected favourite contacts and not sure how I create this group... 

Apologies for long post, I'd really appreciate some ideas.

Thanks in advance 

TracyR Moderator

Hey @AD81 


If you head onto your contacts app, select your friend and click the 'i' to see more info. 

There'll be a little star near her contact picture, you can click that to add her to your favourites.



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