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Camera blurred and restart on calls

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In the last week the camera on my s8 has suddenly gone blurry and will not focus unless things are about 1cm from the lens. I have tried a soft reset and used the *#0*# tests but it still doesn't focus. Also had issues with phone calls where my phone will restart itself whilst I'm in the middle of a phone call. The last time it did this I tried to make the call but it would not even connect and just kept going back to the home screen before restarting. 

Surely this shouldn't be happening to a phone that is only 2 months old.

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Hi @Lauradorothy


On my s8 camera options I have a feature called 'Selective Focus'


Launch the Camera > Slide Right > Selective Focus. 


This option is designed to focus on the item your pointing at making the background blurry. 

Can you check to see if that feature has been chosen in your camera. It'll be highlighted in yellow if it is. 


In regards to the phone restarting no it shouldn't be happening. 


Can you please try the following. 


Clear System Cache.
To boot the Galaxy S8 into recovery, start by turning the device completely off. Once it's off, press and hold the Bixby and volume up buttons, then press the power button. Let go of the power once the phone turns on, while still keeping the Bixby and volume up buttons pressed. Let go of the rest of the buttons when you see the blue screen with the Android logo.


If no help then please create a Back-Up first then Factory Reset. 


If the Factory Reset does not cure the issue then you'll need to either return to the source that supplied the phone, or visit your most local Samsung Service Location for assistance under the Manufacturing Warranty. That's as long as the phone hasn't had a drop or water damage. 


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Hey @Lauradorothy! How did you get on with the troubleshooting? Do let us know:robothappy:

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