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Call from Samsung Mobile - private number

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I've had a few calls from a private number recently which I keep missing. I answered it today and the guy claimed to be from Samsung mobile, I instantly decided it was a con and I cut the caller off.


Does anyone here have any idea, am I right to be suspicious or could there be a legitimate reason for Samsung to call me from a private number? I have a fairly new Samsung phone and the guy knew my first name but this kind of information seems to be easy to acquire these days.

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Hi there alfev. :smileyhappy:


Can confirm that Samsung employees wouldn't contact customers from their personal numbers (or personal emails or personal social accounts for that matter). 


If you want to PM any of us moderators (KellyMJessL, or me are the most active on here)  with the number that called you, we'll check to see if it's from one of our official contact centres or switchboards for you. 


 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.

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To clarify, what I meant when I said that they called from a private number was that the number they called from was withheld and so we're not able to trace who made the call.

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