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Call barring


I'm on EE I've asked EE about call barring they say they don't set password for it so they said contact Samsung does anyone know about call barring 


Hi do you want to  block in coming calls if so you can press the phone icon and then the dots in the top right and you should see settings if you press that a little down the page you will see the blocking option and just enter the number you wish to block 

Also if you receive a call and you don't want to receive any more you can block it  by pressing on it and then details and then the top right again and you will see the block option again


On the call barring I've not used it myself so I'm not sure how usefull it is but I found this by doing a search....


What is my Barring password?
Call barring. Call barring service allows you to bar outgoing or incoming International and Roaming calls. Barring services can be activated by calling 1234. Press **03** Old Barring Password * NewBarring Password*New Barring Password # OK.
NOTE I have not tried this myself.



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I didnt know what the password for call barring ??? Can u help me!!!


I tried the 0000 default passcode and I had no luck. When I dial it I am told that there was an error and check the number and dial again. What's next?

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