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Bluetooth Static/Crackle

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I have a Galaxy Note 4 on the latest available level of software to me (6.0.1) I have major issues with the bluetooth and connections to headphones/speaker and handsfree.


I can restart the phone and it will work ok for a few minutes but then it will suddenly start to crackle and have lots of static. Restarting the Bluetooth does not seem to help, but restarting the phone does, but only for a few minutes/half an hour at most.


I have tried all sorts of Bluetooth devices and lots of different music players, including the standard Samsung one. And it is the same on all of them.


My phone is a UK version on Three.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Please not too technical, or nice clear instructions as I'm not a huge techie!




Hi @mkb1664. :smileyhappy:


Did this start after anything was changed on your phone, e.g. an app or software update?


And try this: Apps > Settings > Application Manager > All > Bluetooth Share, and then Clear Cache and Clear Data. 

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I have exactly the same issue with my Galaxy S8+ and my new Denon DRA-100 receiver.


Did you manage to resolve the issue?

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