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Bluetooth Pairing Issue

I can confirm that no any of the existing updates won't fix a problem with BMW MASK, CCC multimedia. It's pairing just with CIC multimedia after update from the version 2011. It's also unstable with the connection in BMW x5 (facelift 2010) once in 10-15 mins it was disconnecting and trying to connect back to it.
Going further, range rover l322, year 2008, doesn't see the phone at all.
Year2009, found the phone even synchronised contacts but no continuous streaming has some disruptions.
Mini Cooper same as BMW no phone connection till 2010.
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Hi all.... I know I am late to the table here but this BT pairing issue is really winding me up! I have a 2014 BMW 530d with Std audio and Sat Nav etc and a Galaxy S9+. Constant issues with pairing (drop outs, takes ages to connect, no contact syncs etc). When I bought the car I had an S8+ and kept that phone fully updated with latest firmware/android versions etc. Worked a treat, no issues as with the S9+.


I have tried all sorts to fix.... Factory reset of phone, clearing cache, un pairing every BT device etc. Nothing! Little bit more joy in terms of a more stable connection after using SmartLock and deactivating BT on the car and then reactivating it etc (still not great though).


Strange thing is, the phone works a treat with my wife's 2000 reg Mini Cooper D! Contacts sync brilliantly! Go figure. 


Can't understand it. Can only really accept calls in my BMW at the moment which isn't great and very frustrating. Because of the connection instability, it doesn't retain call logs or last dialled records etc. My work mobile, iPhone 7 on latest update, works a treat. Bluetooth version differences here I think in that s9+ is BT 5.0, but that doesn't explain why it works on a Mini which is 3.5yrs older than my BMW.


Cannot change phone as it would cost me a packet to come out of a 24m contract after 3.5 months. 


Can anyone share any updated information here? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Just got my Samsung Galaxy S9+ last week. After spending countless hours trying to fix the blutooth pairing issue with my BMW 535i 2011 model, it is still not working. I even took my car into the shop and paid $150 to update the car software! THEN I replaced the phone with a new one yesterday. Can you imagine my ?rage? that it still won't hold the pairing?

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OK, this is it.  I've spent hours trying to pair my S9 to my 2012 BMW.  My S4 --- no problem, but this new phone -- is just one BIG problem. 

I've been 4 on the phone w/Verizon tech, then BMW tech.  Spent 2 hours having my entire software system in my car updated by the dealer.  Dealer tech couldn't help pair. 

After ALL that I amDone.  Returning the phone tomorrow.  I cannot have a phone that doesn't work in my car. 

To the folks at Samsung - Clearly,  this is not an isolated issue.  How many more of these posts do you need to read before you decide to fix this issue?


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