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Evening all, can anyone let me know please when Samsung will release a patch for blueborne? 

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This is not a real threat, I struggle to understand how a computer virus can spread through the AIR. its a virus by how it acts, not by biology! Your phone cannot get a virus from the air, nor can it do so by NOT connecting to anything. the only report I found on it, seems to think Apple devices are immune but literally everything else is vulnerable... not everything runs on Android. so how Microsoft and Google be affected and not Apple, is very strange. usually its android only because of its open source platform. I have been using android devices for many years and never come across a device actually affected by malware, and this Blueborne had apparently come to light in April. It would not take months for them to release a patch for such a huge risk. if you at least have an April security patch, I would not worry about it at all. and even if you don't. I wouldn't worry about it. if Blueborne was a legitimately dangerous malware. it would have been reported worldwide and patched instantly. but think about it... a malicious SOFTWARE being spread by AIR?! there is no logic in that statement.
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Can't find anything conclusive on this yet.

Still looking.

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This has to be handeled out swiftley.
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Not by AIR. By BlueTooth vulnerability. As easy as any network vulnerability. Very ignorant answer.

Blueborne, like any other virus/malware can be spread through many means. How the sw gets to the phone is academic. It could potentially come down over WiFi, on an sd card, or through being plugged into a PC. The difference here is that someone has found a vulnerability in the Bluetooth protocol (the transport medium) that allows a malicious payload to be delivered without user interaction. That Bluetooth protocol is largely vendor independent hence why the vulnerability exists on many billions of IOT devices.


Because Bluetooth isn't equipped with good authentication mechanisms and in addition it holds high privileges on devices, this allows sw to run without the user having to agree or click on a link etc.


Everyday users are generally not exposed to malware etc as they have some form of protection on their laptop or PC. I suspect that's where your hesitation comes from. This is a field I work and specialise in and hence are possibly a 'little' more  aware of the risks. 👍

I read one article, like I said. And it states that it is spread by the air. Not an ignorant answer, and very reasonable answer because this so called vulnerability isn't what it's being made out to be. Like I said, if it was a real threat, real threats have been identified before, it would be reported worldwide! This, again, was reported back in April and I've not heard a thing about it until now. So you can continue being concerned about it if you must. But I am far from ignorant to the tech world.

As was said before, a computer virus obviously can't just spread by air. What it can do is exploit a vulnerability in Bluetooth and use that to spread without a physical connection:

It seems to be a newly discovered vulnerability too, so maybe you're confusing it with another article?


You're spot on. Given the severity, pen testers will ensure that vendors are informed and have a chance to test and patch before releasing it to the public. Releasing info like this without taking this step first would lead to more nefarious activity taking place. 


It is very ignorant to tell "This is not a real threat".
Its a vulnerability which can be used to infect devices from 10m distance without physical access, even through walls.

You struggle to understand? Thats ok, but please stay quiet then. You dont worry? Thats also ok, just lean back.

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