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I got a new samsung galaxy j3 2017 I'm receiving texts with no number just says from Halifax, they are scam texts but how can I block these from coming through? as I can't  find anyway to block them!!

I' am in urgent help please someone please please please help me n advise me

Thankyou in advance 



Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi @Sharon9


When you open the text you'll see in the top right hand corner 3 lines, click on them and there should be an option to block the number/contact, is this option not available?

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How did you get on with this, @Sharon9


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Hi no because there is no number to block on the top right hand corner all it says is Delete so I have no idea how to block these scam texts!
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No there isn't there is no number to block they are scam texts n on top right hand corner there isn't any little dots instead it says delete so I got no idea how to block them!
Superuser I
Superuser I

Are you with the Halifax @Sharon9 or were you with them? Because I receive texts from RBS and mine are genuine because I gave them my number and I can't block the texts either and I too can only delete them. Did you give them your number ever?

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