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Blacklisted Galaxy S7

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Hello - My Galaxy S7 Edge has been blacklisted by Vodafone which is not my provider. They appear unable or unwilling to unblacklist my phone even though I bought it new from Carphone warehouse and have proof of purchase. Can someone suggest a way forward here? This is proving to be a real headache.

If it you purchased it from Carephone Warehouse, then it is there job to sort it out with Vodafone. See if they will do anything to help you and if not, then contact a more senior member of Vodafone if you can, I've never heard of anything like this happening before, but it certainly isn't your job to fix it. But because it is blacklisted by Vodafone they should accept you are the owner and Carphone Warehouse should be able to back you up on the proof of purchase and have your device removed from the Blacklist. It is very possible someone reported a device stolen to Carphone Warehouse and got the device IMEI number wrong and ended up blocking the wrong device.
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