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Bixby weather F to C


If you use quick the morning I  say " Good Morning"

Bixby reads out the following

 give me the weather in celcius. 

are there any weather alerts

read todays schedule. 

It works flawlessly



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You can do it by creating a quick command in Bixby saying, "what's the weather today?" And then telling it to do the exact command "what's the weather today in Celsius".

A bit of a work around but it worked for me.

P.S don't forget to add the "?" In the phrase otherwise it wont-work.

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Hi all!


I thought I would just share this. 


I just changed the language and voice from bixby settings from English US to English United Kingdom. This has changed the weather to Celsius. Hope this helps.





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So I think I found the problem.

When you go to Bixby language you have UK English and US English. When UK English is used the weather is shown in C and when US English is used the weather is shown in F. So the solution would be to change the English from US to UK

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You can do this by changing the language from us English to br English or german .The settings are based on the language Bixby is set up to .

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After asking the weather in Celsius how do I set it permanently and I'd like also to change the wind speed to kmh instead of mph


Go in the settings and change the language to English (UK)

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I figured out that if you change the language to English (UK) then Bixby will tell you the weather in celcius. You have to deal with the voice options having an English accent though. 

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The best solution!

Just change Bixby language from English US to English UK and it changes all the metrics.


IMHO samsung have chosen a strange way to determine metrics preferences by language, but it doesn't seem they're going to change it

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You're the man. I've been reading through many posts and yours was simple, quick and working. 


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