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Bixby wake up set up problems

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Hi..ok ive set up bixby voice when i press button bixby hears me no problem and does all commands i ask. Ive tried setting up the bixby wake up. It keeps saying it cant hear me when trying to register voice on set up

check that both microphones are clear from blockages, I noticed with my pervious galaxy device that I couldn't use the loud speaker -after 18 months of use, because the microphone it switches to was blocked by accumulated dust etc.
stuck a pin in there and it cleared it out and worked fine. just be careful not to be too harsh, don't want to damage it.
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Hi. I have the same problem did you get a rely? 

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I have the same issue. I have to change my accent to sound like an over excited American. 

Apparently it's because there are only two languages at present, one being U.S.. or so Samsung cs claim

Slightly different issue but relevant all the same. Speaking in my normal British accent it sometimes, noticeably, struggles to understand my commands. However, saying the same thing in a very exaggerated American accent, works like a charm! Very funny because it really is US English it can understand.
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Same problem on my note 8, works fine using the Bixby button but can't complete setup for Bixby wake up because it can't hear me. Why hasn't this been fixed already?


I have the same issue. Setup of wake-up says it can't hear me, but if I use Bixby key to ask phone to do something it works fine... and if I say ok Google that works fine.... it's very Bixby wake-up specific. 

CS did have me unhide system apps and go through all Bixby apps and delete the cache etc.. this has allowed finally me to complete the Setup in my own voice but I still can't get Hi Bixby to wake up the phone and have to use the button if I want to use Bixby.


Any suggestions ?

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My Note 8 is worse than my S8+ was.  I get maybe 25% hit with a verbal wake up. Even during voice training Bixby claims it can't hear me most of the time.  I'm not going to say "Hi Bixby" multiple times, every time just to get it to wake up.  I've tried all the sensitivity settings and reboots.

When I press the button I immediately get "Oh, I didn't quite catch that......" or "Hmmm, I didn't recognize that...." "try again"   Really?!  "OK Google" works every time.  The voice recorder also proves the hardware is fine.   C'mon Samsung, do you really expect us to use this?  You can't buy me with experience points if I can't wake Bixby up.

I really like the phone, but Bixby sucks. How about letting us remap the button?

Same problem as mine in my samsung note 9...cannot register my voice on set my..pls help me find a solution
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