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so earlier i sent a post in about bixby voice and how it was saying i needed the latest software to use it which i already have and someone suggested i factory reset which i did in hoping it was just a glitch in the update i had, after spending and hour resetting and restoring everything bixby voice still does not work it tells me to turn it on and when i try it says update which i have done like 10 times now any sguggestions ?? and while i reset my phone i forgot i had 2 pictures of great importance to me in my secure file and now there gone anyway i can get them back ?? thought i had saved them on my laptop but dumb me didnt !!!! frustrated is not the word !!!

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Superuser I

I'm assuming you didn't have any back ups elsewhere. Personally i auto save all my pictures to Dropbox. Just a thought. 


Yes I've seen posts where after the update Bixby has glitched. As far as I'm aware the main addition from the update was the option to disable the Bixby button. Which personally I've done as well as Bixby Voice as I prefer Google Assistant. 


I'm sure the Moderators here will start feeding this all back and it maybe worth you also sending feedback direct to Samsung too. 


The more noise made about this the better chance any potential bug will be squashed via an update. 

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Hi @Nemo7.


Can you give us some more info? Did you update over the air? is your S8 an open/PAYG or contract one? Which network are you on?


And to rule out any third-party app being at play, do you get the same update message when the phone is in Safe Mode?


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