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Bixby vision shopping sendz me to wrong country

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Hi I've got a S8+ and when I use Bixby vision to search shop for a product it always sends me to the German Amazon websiteeven though im in the UK. Is there a way to change this?


Thanks in advance

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Hi there @BazzaBoo.


How odd!


Did you get the phone from the UK? Any other German sites it sends you to (either through Bixby or another app)? And anything odd in Settings > Connections > Location? 


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Hi @AntS


Thanks for the reply!


I bought the phone via a UK merchant on and it was delivered next day by Parcelforce, so I assumed it was a UK phone.


I checked Settings>Connections>Location like you said but didn't find anything odd.


The only two things that make me think my phone may be German is that:


1) When I press the Bixby button and all the cards are displayed, the YouTube one shows videos that are in German.


2) If I go in to the Samsung Internet app then some of the links go to German websites. Although oddly enough when I tap the link it redirects to the UK site, as does Google. But there are links to four different German websites.


I wonder what will happen when Bixby voice is finally released, will my phone only respond to German? 


Thanks for your help

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I have had the same problem.


If you fixed it please share how to fix it.


thank you

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I'm having the sale issue. No news ? I find no place to change. It is sending me to (italy) while i'm in France. One can never move from one contry to another ?

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Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have the same issue with my bixby vision and YouTube videos on the bixby page shown in Italian. I'm a UK user.

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I did not, and updates of the past 8 month have failed to fix it. I also didn't find people reporting this exact issue elsewhere. Thing is they might not even know it's not working properly and may never get fixed. (samsung doesn't check apparently).


No fix, no clue




(photo : title is in french, app is in french, results show in amazon italy and links too.)

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This is really annoying. I'm a UK user and I can't find a solution to fixing the wrong country issue anywhere. "Shopping" in Bixby Vision always shows results in Yen.

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OK. I've got some good news and bad news.


Good news is, I think I know what the issue is.

Bad news is, it can't currently be fixed.


As per the issue I was having, the Note8 I purchased online came from Hong Kong and was model SM-9500, where as UK edition is SM-950F. Therefore the firmware on the phone was the Hong Kong edition, even though it supports UK English.


You must be thinking, let's flash it with the UK edition of the firmware. Well, you can't, because each such model number has hardware variations. In my case, it's a different processor all together to the UK version of Note8. If I try to flash it, it'll be bricked.


Makes sense why my Bixby feed YouTube, Bixby Vision etc. were all wrong.


All we can hope is Samsung releases an update where regardless of which firmware you're on, you can change your Bixby country.


Hope that helps.

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I got the same issue. I bought the dual SIM phone from Amazon and I think is from HK because my Samsung Pay shows HK promos. And the bixby vision shopping link all goes to Taobao.

Please Samsung, fix this!
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