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Bixby Voice not working

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Superuser I

Followed your advice @Pin255 and Bixby Voice Command is now updating. 


I'm in the UK. 


Thank you. 


All updated and it's added. Screenshot_20170822-141207.jpg





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Samsung Galaxy Tab A {2016}SM-T580

glad it worked out for you
Now it came on yesterday
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I'm in Mexico, any help will be appreciated.


Press bixby button then top right 3 dots you will see update that's how it works 

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Thanks for the quick response. Already did that with no luck.


You have got it just hold down the bixby button and say    hi bixby 


You seem to be missing the point. You don't hold the button when you say "Hi Bixby". Bixby works on my Note 8 when I hold the button, but trying to set up "Hi Bixby" it just continually says it can't hear me. 

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Try setting it up in a quiet room. You'll find yourself over pronouncing things and literally shouting before it decides to acknowledge you. Another option us to try an American accent. Once it's set up use the options that allow you to improve recognition. It improves it slightly.
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