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Bixby S8 privacy

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I would like to turn Bixby off on my lock screen. It allows people to see personal information and videos without needing any security. This is an oversight that needs fixing. Can anyone help

AntS Moderator

Hi @Nedhead. :smileyhappy:


Try Bixby > Menu (3 dots in the right hand corner) > Settings > Show on Lock Screen , and then toggle off any of the things listed that you don't want to appear on the Lock screen.


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That option isn't there. Not sure if it's the update 

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So after turning all the items off we end up with a ridiculous bixby mess but can't turn it off all together :-$ ergh


Could you send us a screenshot of where the Setting should be, @Nedhead?


We'd like to look into this. :robothappy:

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