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Battery rapidly draining

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I have a Samsung J3 2017,

Something these last 24 hours have been draining the battery massively.


When I go to bed each night I always ensure everything is turned off such as data/wifi/Location etc and I put my phone Maximum power saving mode and it usually goes down about 1% over night sometimes even 0%!


5 days ago I installed the new Android update.


Yesterday I only used my mobile data and not Wifi and I noticed the battery was draining significantly, I do know it normally drains quicker when using data so I wasn't overly concerned, Before I went to bed last night I ensured my battery was 100% and I turned everything off and put it on maximum power saving made as always and when I looked this morning my battery had dropped 9%! When it normally drops 0% or 1%, I looked at usage and it said Device Management had used up 8% of this 9%


I'm wondering is it due to the update? I have noticed users with other samsung devices complain after the update that the battery drains quicker. 


Please view attached screenshots


Any ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated!



AaronScreenshot_20190119-080720_Software update.jpg



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