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Battery life on S7 edge


I used to be able to survive at least 2 and half days with my S7 edge on a full charge, now it barely lasts a day.


Is there a correct mehtod to charging the battery or do I need to get a replacement battery?


Hi Slasher


You can see what applications are doing in terms of battery consumption by going to settings > Battery > battery usage.


As time goes by using our phones means we do tend to install more and more apps, many of which will use up more and more resources such as power. By looking in the battery settings you can identify heavy users of data. Often 3rd party internet security apps and social media apps are heavy users of battery.


The other thought which you mentioned is that your battery may be faulty. It is true that all rechargable batterys deteriate over time but your battery does have a warranty period of 12 months. If you want this checked for free you can go to your closest Samsung Support Centre where they will conduct the necessary tests for you.

Here is the site you can use to find your closest Support Centre:


Hope this helps.



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There are a few things which can affect the battery life of a device, these include:

- running applications in the background

- not using the original Samsung fast charger


If you are a heavy user, on the device there is the power saving mode located in settings then battery. This will increase the battery life of the device. 


Hope this has helped. 

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If your phone is lasting a full day that is pretty decent but it depends on your usage and your settings
Another reason for him battery usage is continually searching for wifi and mobile networks, if you are in poor coverage areas for mobile networks or if your wifi has poor coverage the device will use additional power to try and connect.

hi, i have the same issue with s6 edge. It lasts about half a day now. 31% is used by android os. never seen that happening before.

I too have awful S7 battery life. Android OS and Play services tend to top the battery drain list. I've uninstalled recent apps that I thought may have been a problem, but there has been no improvement. It doesn't help that I'm still stuck on the beta version...hopefully things will improve once the official update finally reached me...
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If your using the charger that came with the s7 as with new battery that samsung put in it u will burn battery out as other chargers not same power output.
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