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Badge notification count since update

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Yes, this sucks! And I just came from Apple!
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Please for love of all things put it back!!! I've missed important messages and emails due to this. Nothing worse than people thinking they are ignoring you! Especially for business professionals! 


Please adivse where on your phone you post this feedback to the developers as you suggest?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @adeinmanchester 


You can do this through the Samsung Members app on your phone. Go to Samsung Members > Scroll to the foot of the page > Select 'Get Help' > Scroll to 'Feedback' > Send Feedback.


Hope this helps!

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My Samsung pro j7 lost app badge count since last update. tried everything. In special access in app notifications there is no Samsung home button to turn on. Really been everywhere. Used to work fine till a week ago. Any ideas?


I was complaining about badge count clearing even if one message of multiple is read.

However have seen some threads describing your problem. Try

settings - notifications - icon badges, show with numbers ON.

Settings - lock screen - Notifications ON.

Settings - Display  - Home screen - App icon badges, with numbers ON

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