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Backup problems with Smart switch and a Galaxy J330 (J3 2017)

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I am trying to backup my J330 phone using smart switch. Running it on a Win 10 PC connected via cable to the phone.


I am getting a message that says I need to make 552 MB free to be able to do it. However, when I clear space off the phone, I continually get the same error and no matter what I delete, the amount of memory needed never changes.


Is there any way I can see exactly how much memory I am short of or is there any other way to back the phone up ?


Thanks, Graham.

AndrewL Moderator
@grahamkeen1: As you are transferring the data from your phone to the PC it may be the PC that requires free memory to complete the backup. With this in mind please try removing 552MB of data from the PC itself to see if this resolves your query.
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According to "File Manager" I have about 1 GB free.

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On the laptop I havbe 8GB and 12 GB virtual memory and 9GB of that is free. The disk has 65GB free.

AndrewL Moderator
Very strange. As an alternative approach please try going to Settings > Cloud and Accounts > Samsung Cloud > Data to Sync (toggle the appropriate fields) > Backup Settings > Backup Now. This will create a cloud backup that can then be restored on any compatible Samsung device.

Regarding your issues with Smart Switch, if you go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage, is it here that you're seeing that you have 1GB free?

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Thank you.

File Manager is a third party application but using the 'storage' in settings as you suggested, shows the same results.

I have now managed to do a backup to the cloud as you suggestion, so thank you.

I can use a cable to connect the phone to my laptop to get the images off, so that's OK and I have the music already that I put on the phone.

I suppose, I'm slightly 'old school' and like my backup on my laptop where I can then keep in on multiple off-site USB drives.

Thanks though,


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