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Backing up Phone on PC

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Hi All


So I just dropped my s7edge and smashed the screen, so now I am unable to read or use the screen whatsoever.


My insurance company will be picking up the phone Monday and will replace the phone with a new device.

Can anyone please help me on how to back up the phone so I can restore it on the new phone as well as not losing all my data.


Thank You



AndrewL Moderator

Unfortunately if you don't have access to the screen of your phone then it will not be possible to back up your data as this requires interaction with the screen in each instance, be it via a cloud service (Dropbox, Samsung Cloud) or on your home computer using Smart Switch. You can still try Smart Switch on your home computer ( however, although it's not ideal, you'll need to arrange for the screen to be repaired to recover your data.

Try broken samsung data recovery tool to help you access your s7 edge with broken screen. Usually, it can help you access data like app,contacts,sms,music,photos,videos,books,call logs and export them out for backup. Good luck to you.


But can we restore data, such as contacts and text messages from a broken Samsung mobile phone without backing up Samsung on computer? Broken Android Data Extractor, which is a powerful program helping you to recover contacts, text messages, as well as other types of data like photos, videos, music, call history, etc. from broken Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. All the recovered contacts and text messages will be saved in HTML format on your computer, which is readable and printable. 100% successfully rescue data no matter they are lost due to accidental deletion, factory resetting or the phone is broken or damaged.

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Hi there,

It may depend on professional third-party data recover tool.You just need to connect your s7edge to the computer, and select the wanted contacts to recover.
This way is effective and safe, the tool won't carry any risks to damage your phones.


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