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Area around camera chipped. Replaceable?




Quite a while ago I dropped my phone literally a few cm's outside of my house which smashed the back screen very badly (I'm going to be saying screen for the back glass I've just gotten used to saying it that way :/).  After I got the back replaced from a shop which is NOT a Samsung repair center I realised that the area around the camera, silver and sapphire blue, was chipped.  It's starting to annoy me now just because of the cosmetic look.  The camera itself is not damaged, just the small area around it.


Is it possible to replace?  Would I need to replace the entire camera?  Possible pricing for such a repair?



I'd suggest asking the Shop you had the work done on it previously.

In the Uk if a person has work carried out on their phone who isn't an authorised engineer then the Manufacturing Warranty is voided so Samsung or the Network that may have supplied it wouldn't carry out any further work on it.
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