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April update is whit bugs

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Samsung sends updates to damage mobile phones. whenever a new mobile phone comes out on the market.
Samsung sends new updates with bugs ... that make the phone block and warm up. the only way the phone to stay cold is to stop using it .. I bought new Samsung and for a year never warmed up and now in April came out a system update that put it extremely hot. in case of an accident and catch fire or endanger my life. the case will be serious. Please submit a new urgent update to fix the previous errors. Before it's too late.
  there because it has new phones in the market, customers do not need to buy. correct the error with urgency.

Before it is too late and endanger people's lives.
When the phone warms up the risk of catching fire is 95%.
So fix the error urgently

CarlH Moderator

Hi @S9plus10. I can assure you this isn't the case. If you're experiencing any issues with your phone, I can go through some troubleshooting steps with you if you like?

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I will teleport new update via my mind to you right now (please open your telepathy settings) ....

I'm not saying your problem is not serious but your lack of troubleshooting and drawing conclusies based on your wet finger is just funny.

Never gonna give you up!
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