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April 1, 2019 update, S8+ - always on screen not working, with Clear View Case.



Last one "March 1, Security update" was totally fine, now my always on display doesn't work, it only shows first clock and info after closing case, then nothing - black screen, no more. Tried many solutions, I know about changing in options from tap two times, to show always on, etc., made topic on reddit, people getting same issue. I encourage you to read, what I've tried and to discussion.


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I made a post on Saturday about this and also spoke

to Samsung Help on Twitter and thwy claim it's my device and not software which we know isn't true

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Hi, I'm having the same issue.  No clock on case cover showing after April 1, 2019 update. 

Have tried all the usual from toggling settings to reboot, even removing and replacing phone in case and all of the above in different combinations just for good measure without success.

This has happened after previous updates so definitely software issue - in the past AOD COVER display has resumed by itself within a few hours post update.  However not this time...


Would really appreciate if anyone has found solution or advice (note I have tried all the settings).





There's no solution it's software problem. Samsung told me that next update will fix problems. (Not May 1, but next one) we can only wait.

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Thx giza_p for the info.


I can confirm this has now been resolved with the latest update (June).

Good to have full functionality back.






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