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App notification badge 9+

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When I clear the notifications at the top of my phone (I get a lot) it removes the app badge. 

So now I can't see if I have unread texts etc. 

This is no good! As a forgetful person, I often leave texts unread till I am at my desk and can deal with them. But now I will end up totally forgetting I have any.

Please help. How can I make the number count stay on there?

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Hi Lou,

Try the following:
App Icon Badges (turn off and on)>
Restart phone.

If that doesnt work try wipe cache partition :

Kind Regards,

Never gonna give you up!
Hi, same problem here, I was onto Samsung, they say the new Oreo software links all notifications now and when you clear to top, it clears all including badge counts on all apps. They should at least give people the option to make this choice if they wish. I'm missing a lot of various messages and mails, unless I specifically go to each app to check - extremely annoying 😡😡😡
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