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Android Oreo Update

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I have a simple question, when my samsung smartphone receives a new version of the android, if it has malicious software on my smartphone, is it excluded? Is every smartphone chip formatted before installing the new android Oreo 8.0?


Thank You so much.

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Superuser I

Hi @MySaMsUmG


If and when the software is available from your phones software update section it will download as long as you have enough resources months phone such as internal storage. 


Firmware is vetted for malware etc before it's sent out etc. 


If you think malware etc is on your phone then try using a security sweep with avg as one example. 



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My question is if the smartphone is formatted before installing the new firmware removíng the malware.

Thank You so much.

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Hi @MySaMsUmG. Unless that paticular firmware update has stuff in it to address that specific malware then any malware already on the phone would remain on the phone.


BandOfBrothers' advice above is good to follow. 


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