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Always on Display and Magnification Gestures Clash?

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I am just getting used to my new Samsung Galaxy S7 (6.0.1) and am struggling to understand why the Display Always on mode and Magnification Gestures function cannot both be enabled at the same time? I would like to use both features at the same time but when I attempt to enable either when the other function is on, the phone complains and tells me the other feature will be turned off automatically.


Can anyone confirm why these clash and if Samsung will be looking to resolve this perhaps in the next release?

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Hi there @smjohns,


When Magnification Gestures is switched on, the following settings are disabled:


  • One-handed mode
  • Magnifier window
  • Universal switch
  • Interaction control
  • Always On Display

We'll be sure to pass on your feedback about this! :smileyhappy:

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Yes This is so annoying.. I love my s7 but the fact that I have to choose between always on our magnifying is so wrong.... Please fix this...

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i find this  intensely  annoying. i use magnification by triple  tapping  on the screen as im partially sighted  (close up)  and this  function is really useful.


I use  the always  on display to show  the clock at night  and  when on charge.


Apparently there is  a  clash which will not enable  both to be on at the same  time... Surely  there must be a  clever programmer out there somewhere who can remedy this  really odd situation.



Come  on Samsung, sort  your  *****  out. This is not  funny nor is  it clever.

Was going to upgrade to an s8 or s8plus  but apparently it  does  not work on that device either. Well done Samsung. Guess where my  money for a  new phone is NOT going to go to........Lame  Lame Lame.

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shi.......guess the missing letter ****
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HI Samsung

I just picked up my S9+ and see that the same issue plagues it

Can u kindly provide an update as I'd love to have both features workign together (jsut like it does on the iPhone which i migrated over from)






Same here. One of the most stupid design restrictions, even more since they are totally different. Whenever the screen is off, AOD could easily be enabled because nobody would need magnification then, and the other way round.

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What people would like to know is why. It seems inane. Just disable magnification on the lock screen... actually it already is disabled on the lock screen.


Hate feeling punished for using accessibility features.


Well, two phones later, from S7 to S9 and apparently this has not been remedied. It's an insult to people with sight issues that they can't have a good feature like "always on display" and everything that can be viewed there. Why, in two phones has this not been fixed? Is the company so unaware of how many people benefit from magnification that they think it's just less important? Seems a bit discriminatory to me. I want the features that I paid for. One of them is important, "always on display".


Why should they fix it? You bought the phones, that's what counts to them.

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