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After a recent update my Samsung earphone buttons are not working

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Since last android update my Samsung earphone buttons stopped working. I still can listen to music but not able to use any of the buttons on my earphone. This is really annoying cause I'm not able to make a phone call using them or even turn the volume up or down. It's not a particular problem with any app. It's definitely an operational system issue. Btw my phone is a S7 edge. Just wanna fix it as soon as possible cause these earphones functions are really handy. I've read from some users the problem wasn't sorted out resetting the original fabric settings tho. Is there any solution for this problem?

AndrewL Moderator
@csantana: Have you tried your headphones with another compatible device to see if the problem persists? Similarly are you able to try another set of headphones with your S7 Edge to see if the issue persists?
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