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So I got a Galaxy M20 3 days ago, and I didnt update it until yesterday. It was perfect with android 8.1. I really liked the usage and the looks of UI. Yesterday I updated to One UI and my phone sucks now. Even when sliding up for my apps, I can feel it lagging. My charge dies very fast now. Like yesterday I used it with %100 charge for 5 minutes but after the update today I just unplugged it and didnt use it but it was %98 after just 3 minutes. This update is so bad, any ways to make it better or get back to 8.1?

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Try backing up and factory reset first @megxde 


Samsungs official stance is that once the update is downloaded and installed you cant go back.


However if you visit xdadevelopers site you'll gain some further knowledge.


Performing any kind of forced rollback can cause issues and as such is performed entirely at the owners discretion and risk and Samsung may decline support.



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