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A5 2017 front camera

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Probably they will fix it with an update.
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I Got this phone too in Malta last September.... I have the same issue.

Anyone can give me hints???


Yes I can,

buy another phone....really the only solution.

I hope it helps

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That's so lame. I had all the updates and upgrades but the issue is still there.

I can see my nose hair but can't see nothing 30cm behind me.

Shame on you Samsung. Shame on you.


Yes it surely is a shame...but at least i know i won't ever buy the middle class phone...i'd rather buy older flagship like s7...maybe i'll spend few bucks more but i will be sure that i can use it for everything i want for 100%.

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Shame on you samsung company .shame on you.. when i submit my galaxy a5 2017 for service centre .after 2 weeks when i received my phone .front focus camera issue have not resolve .. you wastage  my time and money .. shame on you samsung .. if you are really a good company then solution this problm .otherwise you lose your customers 


I know exactly how you feel... ***** . I have an iPhone SE and I bought this one.... I feel regreting it but... well selfies are important some times but if u  remember those good times pictures are not needed really.... we will all die one day lol.  I think like this cause I spent money with this phone..... and still have my iphone I'm selling. But yes. It's *****ing annoying thag samsung did this *****


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