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A5 2017 front camera focus issue




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Are u kidding with us .We can not take a group selfie with front sitty camera..Please do some thing somting about this issue bcoz we spend 30k for this phone .

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I just got A5 2017 and I am very dissapointed with this phone. Why did you make a camera like this??.. A lot of people take selfies with their friend! Why the hell did you make the backgroud blurred?? We want a good picture, we don't want a camera just to focus on our face and remove the pores from our face! Such a waste of money SAMSUNG!! You should made an improved phone not make it worse! Please fix this.SAMSUNG keep disappointing the customers! (Sorry for my english, it is not my first language)
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I am from Iran. I am having A7 2017 but I have the same problem as many others have with the front facing camera. It suckssssss!!!!! Even nokia 1100 can take better pictures. Focus problem on a cellphone promised to having 16m camera but focus problem is as awful as NOTE 7 FIASCO!!!!!!!! For the love of GOD fix them!!!!!!!!


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Had anyone installed the "Essential Update" of 12/7/2017?

Does the Update fix the front camera issue? (Not a native Speaker sorry).

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I have install the newest update and unfortunately, it still didn't fix the front camera ... SAMSUNG huhhh
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How can Samsung say problem solved with green tick when there is nothing but blur in back ground of selfie am mortified 

Also for the cheek of it was given by the Samsung store a SELFIE STICK what a joke 

When I went back to Samsung store they told me that the focus was on the face nothing in the back ground matters ( whats a point of selfie with no background focus Mmm hello by this point  I ad to laugh at this ridiculous  point and walk out 

Thank you Samsung Malaysia for your customer service 



I have the same issue with my A7 2017. This is really frustrating. Had this phone in less than a month. 

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I found the same issue with Samsung Galaxy C9 pro. Whenever any group selfie is taken it just focuses on the one in front while all others get Blurred. Too much disappointed

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