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A5 2017 front camera focus issue

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Will my phone will be replaced, i have a5 2017 mobile, and i too have front camera issue


no, many people suffers from this engineering product defect, well known globally, but samsung not replacing the mobile, stating (also here in this community) that is how the mobile is engineered... you'll loose time following indication of "technicians" saying "restart mobile initial setup", "try this or that". There's no fix, it is what it is, and it is a shame.

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We can appeal to the court.

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We can take videos and reach out to all of us not to buy Samsung's phones.

I am ready , I will Upload video on youtube.


How? From which country are you, guys? Thank you! 

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Tried it, not true :-(

@Bobby666 wrote:

The problem with the camera comes from the Samsung camera app... Try to change the app with Retica, for example. If you do this you'll see that the front camera is awesome. 



The only truth is that they didn't have a good quality control or hardware check/test before the model was released. sad..

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And i have a samsung galaxy s7 which is even more expensive that has the exact same issue! I went to samsung store in Croydon like 2 months ago sp they could have a look at the blurry pics as it is not normal. The guy said the phone was fine even after i showed him the pictures i took with both front and rear camera. In my case i have that problem in both cameras! 




The rear camera does not focus any more. How to solve this on my SM-A500FU? 


I agree. Was excited to get a new phone, was totally dismayed when I realized how bad the selfies come out of this. While it is but one of the features I use on my phone, I'd rather go back to an older model. If you want to be able to take selfies do not get this phone.

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