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A5 2017 front camera focus issue

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that is right I bought a5 2017 before one month unfortunately I have same problem when I took selfie photo just my face is clear and my friends face all of them is blurry Iam very sad about that we are waiting for any upgrade to solve this problem.


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I have a7 . Is has focus issue too.

I dont want it. Why sumsung did like that? What we can do? 

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Hi all,

Just got the same issue.... wow to the 16MP not with selfies thou... background all blurred.
Any fixes for this problem???

Samsung don't have fix for it yet and kept on ignoring the coplaint. Total waste of money. The only resolution they wll provide is warranty hardware fix which is not i think will fix the poblem. 


Y ESAS THEY SHOULD definitely create a firmware!!! I'm gonna travel and my friend and I have the same phone and both selfies cameras are the SAME!!!*****kkk


*****!!! In my case I switched from my iphone SE!!! With awesome cameras... and fast as hell... luckyly i dont take many selfies... but wtfff

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The problem in this phone is that the front camera's depth-of-field is very low. If you dont know, most selfies have friends behind us. And your camera makes them all blur. Poor customers think it is their fault. They don't know Samsung engineers have done a bad job. So sad that This issue cannot be even fixed. The front camera of even chinese phones is awesome. No one is blurred even if they stand 5 ft away from my face. I had previously samsung S4 mini, j5 2015, music duos 6012, mega 5.8 and wanted to be a loyal customer to samsung. Now I don't trust and dont wanna recommend to my friends or others in future. Before purchasing this mobile I've thought im going to purchase an awesome phone and now you cheated me, my belief and my loyality to samsung, im so sad because of this retarded front camera


Have the same issue just bought this phone this december and went for a vacation only to find out that i cant take a decent pix with my friends or with the background it really sickens me that i just wasted money. I was long time samsung user. Ill just sell this ***** and find a better brand. Useless 16mp!!! 

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Hello. I'm interested in, Samsung is obliged to change the phone on the basis of the guarantee?
I think that it is obliged to, because it is the fault of Samsung's engineers.

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