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A5 2017 front camera focus issue


Stay away from this phone. Not only it has shaky pictures in low light, but there is no details captured the in the image. Check and zoom the hair details. For the group selifes, everyone is blurred as they are out of focus. Only the nearest person taking pictures is in focus. But again, see the details of the face. It is all patches of colors and blurred. One of the worst camera in the world. I sold this at half price and brought Gionee A1.


20170406_165709.jpggroup selfie out of focus for others. Only nearest person in focus. But that too all blurred. No details20170413_084704.jpgall blured and and no details. See hairs.

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Focussing is not an issue with good lighting. The real problem is with depth of field. Depth of field is low with f/1. 9 aperture lens used in selfie camera so that on taking groupfies, some persons will be out of focus and blurred. In my experience, front camera has no focussing issue under well lit conditiins even if you stretch your hand. But it struggles a lot in low to medium light and the pic turn to be very soft with a little details. 


It does focus on the nearest person.  And it has a very low depth of field. There are other phones that give good depth of fields with the same aperture. Also, even if it focuses on the first person, the details of the image capture are horrible. The colors are just patches and it tries to make it smooth. It looks artificial pictures. I know there is a slider to make the selfie smooth or sharp. But even after sharp settings, the pictures are very low quality. I can post more pictures here.

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my email id is *****.....please send the sample shots to this mail id or post them here

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Sending the report via Samsung Members is done.

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@ Afsal Could you please post some photo made with the camera without the blur?
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The phone is good (I`ve been using it from May 2017). But selfie camera is really frustrating! you have no chance to take a good selfie with your friends using the front cam! think twice before buying it!

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Confirmed. All blurred. Front camera does not work at all. Horrible. Worst ever. 

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Hello, To fix the problem with the lag on a5 2017 front camera, put an automat effect (drag the screen to the left).I hope I helped you, have a nice day!

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