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A5 2017 - Worse battery life after the update, WiFi reconnecting with YouTube



After I recieved the last update: PDA A520FXXU1AQE2 and CSC A520FOXX1AQC7, I immideatly noticed, that the battery discharges faster than in previous builds. The phones drain lot of battery when screen is shut or always on is on. I did factory reset and let the phone without any app  but nothing has changed. Please do something about it. Another issue is with WiFi. Each time I play video on YouTube, the wifi randomly reconnects, like every 5minutes. Also, I hate asking about ETAs, but when is Samsung going to release nougat?!

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Nougat is even worse. My phone does not unlock, my Smarties cover doesn't work.  I wish I'd never had installed this... 


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