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A5 2017 WiFi hanging


I replaced my router at the weekend (still with Virgin but now have the latest router) and I now no longer have this issue.




I'm sorry to hear that! My phone does seem to be a lot better now. I don't know if it's because we had a new router installed, we're with Virgin, or whether it's because of updates to the software from Samsung. There was an update issued yesterday which I did. 

Hope you do find a solution. 

AntS Moderator

Cheers guys.  


Unsure how useful it'll be in a specific case, but there's a similar thread here with a suggestion from Graham56 that turning the Wi-Fi scanning off can improve Wi-Fi stability.


Also worth bearing in mind how Wi-Fi is set to run whilst the phone is sleeping (for a UK A5 2017, this is in Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep).


Failing the above, a new router does appear to be the best fix.


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So.. I went into router settings a few week ago and turned off ipv6 and not had the problem since. 

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